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Pharma Prescription Companion App


Platforms: iOS, Android

Main Roles: Digital Product Development, User Research, Data Research, Cross-Platform UX Strategy, Mobile UI Design, Web UI Design

Additional Roles: Device Design, Packaging Design, Front-End Development


Project Summary

The client wanted to create a mobile application for use by pet owners which would allow them to track an animal’s reaction to various medications, both objectively and emotionally.



I held multiple workshops with stakeholders to get feedback on app features and usability. This feedback was then prioritised and pulled together into future versions of the specification.

I worked with the team to adapt designs for easy implementation into Research Kit, allowing us to create an extremely fast MVP for the app.


I wrote the entire first version of the development specification for all features in the app, including flow diagramsdatabase schema drafts and use cases.


For the web side of the product, I provided a GitHub repository with full HTML, CSS & jQuery templates which saved a large number of development days and ensured that the app would be built to our exact UI specifications.


The main goal of the webapp was to show vet users progress overtime. I did this using a combination icon size/opacity so that the user could easily see peaks in progress.

I worked with the development team in Jira and Confluence systems during build to answer questions and offer general support through launch.