hi, i'm ashley. Full-Stack ux/UI designer, product pro, and developer.

I've launched CLOSE TO 40 products from start to finish during my career.


My experience spans software, mobile apps, SAAS services, wearable devices, responsive websites, and branding.

"Porciuncula’s story doesn’t fit the conventional portrait of a successful UX designer, but she now views this as a strength." Read my interview for Adobe's Women in UX series.

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"Ashley is one of the best designers and engineers I've ever worked with"

"If you want someone who kills it every time, you better hire this girl!"

"I've had to pleasure of working with Ashley in design and development and have been inspired by her ability to turn ideas into works of art."

"Her understanding of design principles and in engineering made her one the most resourceful and detail oriented talents I've ever worked with."

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