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Code & Visual Design for tv show


Project Details

Provided code for a scene (Season 1 Episode 6, April 2018) in wherein the main character hacks into a computer game to change the environment. Deliverables included:

  • Code "script" of the actions that the character should take to achieve her desired goal
  • Realistic sample code in multiple formats
  • Interactive visual mockups for how the code should appear and scroll on the screen
  • Guidance during production to ensure that the final footage looked realistic

Some nerdy hidden Easter Eggs are that the video game code is written in Harmony (as opposed to Unity) and code is committed replacing git with giv via the commands "giv allocate; giv release origin central archive" as opposed to "git commit; git push origin master"


Disclaimer: I do not hold any copyright to the show, or the images and footage displayed here. All images and video are used under UK Copyright Law Fair Use conditions, for the purpose of non-commercial research or study, and the reporting of current events.