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Peer-to-Peer Cooking Website


Platforms: Responsive Web

Main Roles: User Research, UX Strategy, Web UI Design

Additional Roles: Branding Design


Project Summary

This webapp connects Foodie cooks with consumers as a homecooked, healthy and social alternative to takeaway. Home chefs are encouraged to list dishes and set dates/times when these will be available for pickup. The app had already launched in a small community outside of London when I joined the team to improve their flows.



The app had been built by a small team with only development resource and no UX input so there were a large number of flows to look at. I went through all flows step-by-step, documenting my first experiences and creating experience maps. I gathered input from small groups of users on the experience of using the app, as well as their impressions of the brand.


Sketching & Wireframing

Based on the research done, I prioritised where improvements would be needed and began wireframing those high-priority flows. We eventually ended up wireframing almost the entire app with a number of use cases.


Design Language

When I work with clients who are on a budget, I often recommend that, instead of taking the time to design all screens in Sketch or a similar program, we do a set of design language files which empower the development team to create functions with the same look and feel for a long time to come. This allows us to layer on custom UI work only where necessary and maximise value when it comes to costs.

Design Language.jpg

Their original website was built using Bootstrap so the design language file that I provided was a simple overlay of custom CSS that they could "paste into" their existing implementation. Any custom work (for example in this case the Dish Cards) were provided as custom responsive HTML.