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Early Education Mobile App


Platforms: iOS, Android, Responsive Web

Roles: Cross-Platform UX Strategy, Mobile UI Design, Web UI Design


Project Summary

This app helps parents guide their children through development of the skills they need for school, through learning & play at home. The team wanted to increase engagement and retention through UX improvements. I worked with their app in the context of an Intensive Workshop and report.



At the beginning of the project, I was supplied with user flows and experience maps, usage statistics and analytics. I initially approached the app as a brand new user myself. I approached this as a "stream of consciousness" report, taking screenshots of the entire flow, including all screen states and messaging, and pairing them with my initial thoughts.

After completion, I did some hands-on research with a few other users to highlight anything I may have missed.


Sketching & Wireframing

The main areas of focus were onboarding of new users, both from the educator's side and from the parent's side. They already had a great hierarchy for educators with multiple classrooms which we didn't want to change too much, but we did need to simplify the initial setup. By restructuring the way that users were asked for information, we better supported a single, linear flow. Microcopy and messaging was used to increase brand presence and help give the process a more friendly feel.


UI Design

With the remaining limited time that we had, I wanted to make sure that the team was set up with as much detail as possible to carry out the changes we had identified. I provided UI Mockups based on their current designs for many of the suggested improvements


I also included "bonus" mockups for the website which was not actually in scope, but were changes I felt would be important to a user.


Project Completion

As wireframing neared completion, I created documents explaining my reasonings for making changes and outlining the research that supported my recommendations.