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Canine Healthcare Mobile Application


Platforms: iOS, Android, Responsive Web

Main Roles: Digital Product Development, User Research, Data Research, Cross-Platform UX Strategy, Mobile UI Design, Web UI Design

Additional Roles: Development Management, Video Production


Project Summary

The goal of this project started simple in 2012 – to create an MVP that gave pet owners a place to store their dog’s basic health record information. Since then, we’ve gone through three major phases of observation & change, and integrated multiple third-party algorithms and devices.



Over the course of the project, I held regular workshops with stakeholders, pet owners and veterinarians to find out what their daily responsibilities and challenges are. The app needed to stay both clinically sound as well as fun and engaging for the whole family, so I also kept up to date with demographic research on what other apps our users interact with, including mobile games.


UI Design

A picture is worth a thousand words, so an interactive mockup must be worth a million, right? During the design process, there were a large number of stakeholders collaborating. This made it incredibly important to get UX / UI concepts and ideas across quickly and efficiently to audiences of all levels of technical competence and comfort. Many mockups and animation samples were produced, as well as a three versions of interactive prototypes using Adobe XD, Sketch, Invisionapp, Proto.io and Adobe AfterEffects.

Initial Design Concepts


Final Design Files


Kids Version

Although this sub-project never launched, it was a blast to do a little bit of UI design work on a much smaller, kid-friendly version of the app!


Specification & Development

I was the main individual writing and maintaining app documentation including specifications for new features as well as change logs. I run a tight documentation ship in Confluence and Jira. This includes wireframes, flow diagramsdatabase schema drafts and a large number of use cases.

For the web side of the product, I provided a GitHub repository with full HTML, CSS & jQuery templates which saved a large number of development days and ensured that the app would be built to our exact UI specifications.

I worked with the development team in Jira and Confluence systems during build to answer questions and offer general support through launch. For the first two years of the project, I also managed the development team of anywhere from 1 to 12 developers, including release schedules.



To ensure that external agencies could create assets that stayed on-brand for the app, I designed a full set of interactive branding guidelines which are available publicly for use in marketing and social campaigns.


Project Press

“The only ‘white label’ app that vet practices can tailor using their own branding, and market to clients as a completely new and user-friendly way of managing their pet’s health and well-being.” – VetClick News

“The overall goal is to make the world of animal health as sophisticated as human health has become in adopting digital advances.” – Fierce Animal Health

“Interest was far greater than the company had expected.” – VetTimes