I want to help improve your product, and i’m going to do it by not working for you.


If you're reading this, you already know why UX is so important and you've decided to invest in taking your products to the next level.

Like any investment, this involves looking at your project critically and being ready to make some commitments to achieve a positive return. For many companies, this involves hiring a full-time UX Designer. But for others, it doesn't. Often, having someone on staff is overkill for the following reasons:

  • A UX Designer can typically produce specifications 2-3x faster than a small-to-medium sized development team can implement.

  • Your customers can only process, and feed back to you, about a finite amount of changes at a time.

It's common for a team to recognise the need to improve their UX, and start interviewing for a UX employee, without realising that they might be able to meet the same requirements, for a fraction of the cost.

Here’s what this looks like in practice…


It all starts with an all-hands Accelerated Deep-Dive

It all starts with me putting my “think like a team member” hat on. I’ll get to know your product inside and out, and we’ll scheme together how to bring it to the next level.

  • Offsite "First Glance" Review: (Offsite) I'll gather fresh, first-time user feedback (my own and others) so I can come prepared when we first meet. My customers usually find that this is a bit of an eye opener, as they're typically so close to the product that they can't put themselves in the mindset of a true first-time user.

  • Onsite workshops and assessments: We'll review your product in detail, and discuss your current backlog. I'll also get to know your team and their skillsets, so I can help identify your easy wins and goals, prioritise paths to improvement. We’ll probably also do some live wire-framing and sketching workshops. I’ll be on hand, working in your office. We won't just talk about what changes need to happen but why and how.

  • Full Product Report: (Offsite) Working from the output from our onsite meetings, I'll review your product top to bottom, including usage analytics, support stats, demographic & competitor research. I’ll provide a full assessment, including technical recommendations and user feedback sessions with items you can act on immediately, as well as valuable external insights and ideas.

  • UX and Product roadmap: This is a collaborative plan which takes your current challenges, business goals, and technical capabilities into account. I’ll recommend the best way to move forward with your UX design decisions. I’m all about doing my research before making long-term commitments, and this is the report that's going to make you and your team feel excited to be on the right path.

What’s The bottom line?

The average cost of this Accelerated Deep-Dive is £3,000 - £9,000.


This deep-dive ends with one of Three possible outcomes:

1) You got what you need.

Awesome! I’ll leave you with wireframes, product plans, research docs, etc. and go on my merry way. If you ever need me again, you know where to find me!

2) You actually do need to hire a new full-time creative.

If this is the right path for you, then you'll come out of our sessions with clear path forward for your new hire. I'll also provide a customised list of UX interview questions and skills assessments that you can use in your interviewing process. Want help selecting and training the right one? I'm happy to be there every step of the way.

3) You don't need a full time UX designer.

About 80% of my clients find their needs fall into this category. The vast majority of teams I've worked with design, build and release on a fluctuating schedule, as opposed to a steady flow. This means that your need for UX support fluctuates as well. Here's what that fluctuation often looks like:

Phase 1: Product Intensives
Common deliverables include:

▪ Full feature Scoping & Designs
▪ User Comms Strategies
▪ Usability Studies & Demographic Research
▪ Design Language Creation
▪ Identification of KPIs

Phase 2: Honourary Team Member
Common deliverables include:

▪ Analytics & Stats Reviews
▪ User Research Sessions
▪ Periodic Onsite Meetings & Workshops

Phase 3: Remote Partner
Common deliverables include:

▪ User Research Sessions
▪ Onsite Steering Meetings
▪ On-Call Slack Support

In this scenario, the average annual cost is about £18-30k, in comparison to £80-120k if a Sr UX Designer was hired.

My assurances to you:

  • You get Product Exclusivity, which means I will never work with a direct competitor.

  • You get the same solid communication, deadlines and deliverables as you would if you employed a designer.

  • If your needs change, we can immediately change gears to scale up, down, or interview designers for a full-time role.


My approach is unique, but my former clients can speak to the results:

"Within a week of working with Ashley to implement changes to our flows, we saw an engagement increase of over 30%!"
"Ashley's vision, planning skills and in-depth knowledge of UX were key factors leading to the ultimate success of our project."
"Ashley's talent not only helped improve existing products, but it also set a foundation for new ones as well."
"Ashley is one of the best designers and engineers I've ever worked with."
"If you want someone who kills it every time, you better hire this girl!"

Limited Availability

I'm just me! That means that once my calendar is booked, I can’t take on any more work until it clears up again. Drop me a line today and let’s reserve the time needed to give your product the attention it deserves.