Published Article: "How to Survive, Thrive and Manage Your Online Reputation"


"In the digital age we live in, doctor/patient communications don’t end when the patients steps out the door. People are constantly connected, socially and professionally, and the medical field is no exception. Now more than ever, patients are reviewing their doctors online, rating their experiences and writing a personalized testimonials about their visits on sites like,, ZocDoc, and others.

The results from a survey conducted by Dimensional Research emphasize the value of a good review. 90% of participants were swayed by positive reviews while 86% were swayed by negative reviews. Just as consumers rely on testimonials when making a purchase, potential clients consider prior patients’ feedback when choosing a doctor.

Because online reviews are playing a bigger role in guiding decisions, doctors need to make monitoring and evaluating their online presence a priority in order to manage and improve their practice’s reputations."

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The full article in the November/December issue of San Francisco Medicine magazine can be read online at the ISSUU Bookshelf, or obtained in print form from the San Francisco Medical Society