Know what? Bitches get stuff done.

- Tina Fey


Experience Designer • UX Architect • User Interface Artist • Podcast Fanatic • Vegan • Partner in Crime

I spent the first decade of my career in Silicon Valley, working in design, front-end development and dev management. Then I packed my bags and hopped a plane to Paris where I managed an international development team and shipped product aggressively. Now here I am in Bristol & London – designing & building awesome things in the best two cities in the world!

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"Porciuncula’s story doesn’t fit the conventional portrait of a successful UX designer, but she now views this as a strength."

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“Every moment is an opportunity [for chiildren] to learn, and to cultivate a love of learning. The important thing is that they’re building a sense of wonder and skills which they can use to have an effect on the world around them, instead of just being observers and consumers.”

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"Ashley is one of the best designers and engineers I've ever worked with"

"If you want someone who kills it every time, you better hire this girl!"

"I've had to pleasure of working with Ashley in design and development and have been inspired by her ability to turn ideas into works of art."

"Her understanding of design principles and in engineering made her one the most resourceful and detail oriented talents I've ever worked with."

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I believe in facts.

I believe in knowing why I’m designing something, not just what I’m supposed to design.

I believe in building what needs to be built, even when something else is prettier.

I believe in making things work, then making them better.

I believe in excessive amounts of use cases.

I believe in continuously exposing myself to new ideas.

I believe in putting goals and strategy ahead of the craft.

I believe in #2B2F31 instead of “black.”

I believe in planning with a view to saving time and money.

I believe in simple.

I believe in learning from miskates.

I believe in loving and living the products I work on.